Art DirectionPost-ProductionProduction
Unmatched Experience Brand Campaign - Waymo, Google's pioneering division, has partnered with L.A. Creative Team to bring you an extraordinary project. Combining our unmatched expertise in visual storytelling with Waymo's cutting-edge autonomous vehicle technology, we have crafted captivating visuals and videos that showcase the unique features and capabilities of Waymo's self-driving cars. Join us in this transformative journey that redefines urban mobility as we present Waymo's groundbreaking project—a testament to Google's commitment to limitless possibilities in transportation. Experience the safe launch of a fully autonomous service in Phoenix and catch a glimpse of our long-term vision for San Francisco.


Client: WAYMO

Art Direction & Creative Coordination: Marlyne Curtet – Axel Bonnot
Directors/Photographers: MP CURTET
Post- Production: SpotBot
Music: 1908 Scoring Studios – SACHA CHABAN
Production: MJ68 Productions
Executive Producer: Michael Horta
AD: Mel Anderson
DOP: Kevin Lachman
Video EQ/Russian Arm: Industrial Digital Jeff MCoy
Drone: EOS Aerial
Russian Arm Ultra Arm SF 
Driver: Patrick Roth
Russian Arm Remote Arm Operator: Robert Barcelona
Russian Arm Head Tech: Sean Rivers
Digi Tech / DIT: Nate Garcia
1st Photo Assistant: Remy Tortosa
2nd Photo Assistant: Jim Inglis
3rd Photo Assistant / EQ Driver: Sean Ly
Props Stylis: David Loya
Wardrobe Stylist: Christina Kretschmer
HMU Stylist: Lucy Crawford
Location Manager: Jof Hanwright