Art DirectionPost-ProductionProduction
Archer is pioneering the creation of electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for urban air mobility networks. Their aim is to open up the skies and offer limitless possibilities for movement and leisure. The reveal assets, including both stills and videos, were expertly crafted by MP Curtet and the L.A. Creative team. This collaboration between Archer and the L.A. Creative team was seamless, starting from the concept phase, continuing through art direction, production, and finally being polished in post-production by the cutting-edge studio,


Directors/Photographers: MP Curtet
DOP: Tim Curtet
Art direction / Production / Editing Post-Production:
Marlyne Curtet, Axel Bonnot, Virginie Drouot
Post-Production & Colorgrading: FIXIP –
Stylist: Natalie & Giolosa Fuller –
Make-Up artist: Marta Camer
Models: Victoria Frost – The Industry LA
Adam Lundberg – No Ties Management